Welcome to Chef Lady Brown! A page where you can find Chef Amber’s featured famous eats as well as have access to information on her different businesses. Chef Lady Brown is an evolving brand from a certified chef who specializes in catering, affordable personal chef services, food truck specialties and pop-up restaurant experiences.

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Chef Lady Brown was established in 2008 and originally known as Chef Lady Brown’s Chicken and Waffles. Amber Brown a certified executive chef and Culinary Arts major is the mastermind to bringing her modern food concepts to the Midwest. She originally started a delivery service delivering late night meals to local Lawrence Kansas residents and college students at the University of Kansas. Since then she has expanded into several different business; a ghost kitchen, food trucks, catering company and food truck hub and pub. Specializing in catering, personal chef services, food truck specialties as well as pop- up restaurant experiences.


Amber Brown also known as Chef Lady Brown, specializes in Cajun soul food, Midwest comfort food with a modern twist.


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